This particular module is full of all sorts of fun tidbits that the API uses all over the place, such as file locations, strings that might change at some point and all that.

Methods and Constants


If you’re using these directly in your app, you might be doing something wrong.

sunlight.config.API_KEY = None

This might be populated from sunlight.attempt_to_load_apikey(), or None (as it is out of the box). All sunlight.service.Service objects will make use of this API key (once, in it’s __init__, not after that) to do their job.


All Sunlight services share API keys. Nice, right?

sunlight.config.API_SIGNUP_PAGE = ''

This is a link to the API Key signup page - so that we can sanely direct people to register for a key (if they don’t already have one) – after all, signing up for a Sunlight API key is fun for the whole family!

sunlight.config.KEY_ENVVAR = 'SUNLIGHT_API_KEY'

This is the name of the os.environ key to look for. It’s usually something stupid simple, like SUNLIGHT_API_KEY.

sunlight.config.KEY_LOCATION = '~/.sunlight.key'

This is the location of the api key that’s stored on the filesystem. Currently, it uses a file directly under a tilde, so that windows users don’t have to feel as much pain when using the API. Usually this is something like ~/.sunlight.key