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# Copyright (c) Sunlight Labs, 2012 under the terms and conditions
# of the LICENSE file.

from sunlight.errors import InvalidRequestException, BadRequestException

import sunlight.service
import json

service_url = ""

[docs]class CapitolWords(sunlight.service.Service): """ Bindings into the `CapitolWords project <>`_. Keep in mind, as you use this wrapper, that this is a very thin translation layer from the API into Python. There's no object magic, so the docs on the API it's self will be as useful as any of these docstrings. Feel free to read up on the CapitolWords API in the `docs <>`_. If a request goes through and gets a normal response code, but the requested action is for whatever reason errorful, a :class:`sunlight.errors.InvalidRequestException` will be thrown with the error string. """
[docs] def dates(self, phrase, **kwargs): """ Retrieve information regarding the popularity of a phrase over a period of time. For a list of optional arguments see `Capitol Words' dates.json endpoint <>`_. """ kwargs['phrase'] = phrase return self.get(["dates"], **kwargs)
[docs] def phrases(self, entity_type, entity_value, **kwargs): """ Retrieve information on the top phrases for an facet. A facet can be any date, month, state or legislator. For a list of arguments see `Capitol Words' phrases.json endpoint <>`_. """ kwargs['entity_type'] = entity_type kwargs['entity_value'] = entity_value return self.get(["phrases"], **kwargs)
[docs] def phrases_by_entity(self, entity_type, **kwargs): """ Get listing of top facets for a given phrase. A facet can be any date, month, state or legislator. For a list of arguments see `Capitol Words' phrases/entity.json endpoint <>`_. """ return self.get(["phrases", entity_type], **kwargs)
[docs] def text(self, phrase=None, title=None, **kwargs): """ Full text-search against Capitol Words data. Neither ``phrase`` nor ``title`` are required, but one or the other must be used. If both are omitted, a :class:`sunlight.errors.BadRequestException` will be thrown. ``phrase`` will do a full-text search on that phrase, whereas ``title`` will doa full-text search on the title of each CR (Congressional Record) document. For a list of arguments see `Capitol Words' text.json endpoint <>`_. """ if not phrase and not title: raise BadRequestException( "You must provide one of phrase or title to this method.") if phrase: kwargs['phrase'] = phrase if title: kwargs['title'] = title return self.get(["text"], **kwargs) # API impl methods below
def _get_url(self, pathparts, apikey, **kwargs): # join pieces by slashes and add a trailing slash endpoint_path = "/".join(pathparts) ret = "%s/%s.json?apikey=%s&%s" % ( service_url, endpoint_path, apikey, sunlight.service.safe_encode(kwargs) ) return ret def _decode_response(self, response): ret = json.loads(response) if "error" in ret: ex = InvalidRequestException(ret['error']) ex.response = ret raise ex if "results" in ret: return ret['results'] # XXX: Verify this is actually # what we want. return ret